Trauma creates change you don't choose.
Healing is about creating change you do choose.

-Michelle Rosenthal

I am so grateful that you have landed here. This tells me that you have reached a place of awareness and that you are wanting to start your healing journey. You should be incredibly proud of yourself.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little about me and my journey.

I am a single mum to 3 beautiful children and I am passionate about being an entrepreneur and running my own business. Both my work and family life are very important to me.

I want to share with you why I have chosen this path in my business as a mindset and trauma-informed coach and therapist.

I have suffered trauma myself: first of all as a young child and again as an adult.  I was abandoned by a narcissistic husband and left with no home, no help and very little hope.

I don't ever want anyone else to feel as low and wretched as I felt at that point in my life.

I felt as if I had fallen into a deep dark hole and that the lid was closing in on me.  I needed help.  I needed help more than I ever had done before and I felt weighed down, wretched and the trauma was actually manifesting itself as depression and illness.

However, through lots of work on myself and using therapy to work deeply on my root problems I began to function again and the heavy weight began to lift.

My healing journey had begun and I started to find happiness again within myself. 

As my healing journey flourished, it started to concern me that there weren't enough people out there to really help those who were going through what I had. It just felt natural to use my experience to learn and train. So that's what I did. I trained in all the things that saved me so I could hopefully save others from the same pain.

I have worked really hard and trained with some of the best institutions and people over the last few years and am now in the position where I spend every day helping other people to begin their own healing journey and to be here and present for them.

I listen, see and believe in them and, using a range of therapies and coaching skills, enable them to become the people they want to be and to thrive.

Today I'm a certified Trauma-Informed Coach with a specialism in Narcissistic Abuse, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Brainspotting Practitioner.

My hope is that by truly educating myself, I can make a difference and there will be less humans struggling to live happily.

If you feel stuck, and you know that you are meant for more, we need to chat. Remember, everybody deserves happiness but it has to start with you. 

Certified as:
Trauma Informed Coach with a Specialism in Narcissistic Abuse
NLP Practitioner
Brainspotting Practitioner
BEd (Hons)

My 1:1 programmes are bespoke to you, using a range of coaching and therapy techniques and modalities:

If you would like to dive straight in and start your healing journey, then you are in the right place. I work with my clients on a 1:1 basis so that we, together, can work intimately to get to the root of the trauma, and slowly start to rebuild your confidence, courage and clarity on who you really are and what you want in your life. Together, we will find your happiness and watch you thrive to live your best life. My 1:1 sessions can be booked individually or as monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly packages.  Here is what you can expect during our time together:

Weekly 1:1 sessions

We will meet every week on zoom for our session together. These sessions will be you and I diving deep into what has been holding you back and why. Here you will also learn about key tools and skills that you will develop to help you on your healing journey. This is your safe place that you can heal, grow and flourish.  At the end of a session you will often have things to work on and I will be with you to support you for the entire journey.

Continuous Support

During our time together, I am here to support you outside our sessions too. I know that this journey will have its ups and its downs, and I am here to ensure that you have someone in your corner at all times.

We will have a voxer chat that you can use to ask questions, vent if you need to or just get some inspiration when you need it most.


When it comes to your healing journey, there is work that has to be done and no one can do it but you (and trust me, you can do it). The main reason people get stuck and don't move forward is because they are stuck in a 'comfort zone' of fear, anxiety and suffering. The key to moving forward is by doing things one step at a time and in a time that we feel is right for you.. Some days you won't feel like it, but that is why I will be supporting and checking in on you to make sure you do the incredible work so that you can live the life you want and deserve to and so you can be happy living your best life for the rest of your life.

If you ready to take that first step, and make a change, so that you can be everything you want and need to be, click the button below and lets jump on a call, have a chat and decide if we are a good fit.